Backed by its 20 years’experience in legal counselling and litigation practice dedicated to businesses and individuals, Richelieu Avocats is well placed to defend your interests.

Facade parisienne


Drafting of legal documents
  • employment contracts
  • special clauses
  • company-level agreements
  • company rules and regulations, etc.
Analysis/management of employment & social security related risks
Termination of employment contracts
  • individual
  • collective
  • individual
  • collective
  • social security-related
  • electoral
International mobility
Management of restructuring and employment protection plans
Criminal employment law
Risk of poaching and unfair competition
Status of individuals and Directors
Tax and employment & social security aspects of employment law


The employment & social security team of Richelieu Avocats, made up of 6 lawyers, provides counselling and defence to its clients in all areas of employment & social security law.

Backed by 20 years of experience in counselling and litigations relating to employment & social security law, its founding partners, Jean-Oudard de Préville and Benoît Gruau, have acquired a solid reputation in complex litigations and for their proximity with legal or human resources departments and with directors, for assessing legal risks upfront and managing negotiations and litigations.

The arrival of Guillaume Marguet in 2013 has broadened the range of expertise to include the tax and corporate law aspects of cases.

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Types of work

Defence and assistance before all courts
  • civil
  • commercial
  • criminal
Evidentiary measures
Protective measures and compulsory enforcement disputes
Legal expertise
Collective proceedings
Analysis of criminal risk faced by companies
Criminal defence of directors
Conciliation and mediation
Defence before all administrative authorities
  • defender of Rights
  • professional bodies
  • CNIL
  • AMF


Contractual litigation, in particular relating to
  • commercial agreements
  • commercial leases
  • articles of Association
  • shareholders’agreements
  • property sales
Tortious liability, in particular relating to
  • breach of commercial relations
  • unfair competition
  • infringement of trademarks, designs
  • copyright
Criminal risk in the course of trade
Complex civil disputes
  • property
  • real-estate
Disputes between partners
Liability of Directors
Undertakings facing difficulties
Rights of the press
Right of personal portrayal and digital reputation
Escalier colimacon
Due diligences
Legal monitoring of groups
Transfer of goodwill
Raising of capital
Negotiation and drafting of agreements
Canape interieur


Classified facilities Law
  • Advice on setting up industrial operations
  • Operational assistance
  • Management of operational incidents and accidents
  • Management of relations with the administration
  • Management of relations with third parties and the neighborhood
  • Management of activity transfer, cessation of activity and site remediation procedure
Real estate assets
  • Polluted sites and soils: assistance for pollution management, disposal and acquisition of sites
  • Assistance with industrial acquisitions
  • Assistance during leasing process
    • definition / limitation of liabilities
    • drafting of clauses protecting the interests of the lessee / lessor
  • Assistance in disputes concerning estate purchased, donated or leased (compliance, pollution, remediation, …)
  • Asbestos
Waste Managment
  • Determination of liabilities (producers, holders, transporters, traders, …)
  • Drafting of waste treatment contracts (recycling, recovery, transport, …)
  • Management of transboundary shipments of waste
  • Extended Producer Responsibility


The firm’s environmental team advises both industrialists and investors in order to assist them in assessing industrial risks, in particular in connection with the operation of classified facilities, restructuring operations, the sale of polluted sites or the setting up of project. The team is led by Sylvain Pelletreau, a specialist in environmental matters, who has been practicing and teaching this field for over 15 years, both in its advisory and litigation aspects.

Environmental Law (next)
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FIELDS (continued)

Environmental Risk Management in Business Transfers
  • Acquisition audit / Sale audit
  • Identification of environmental liabilities
  • Due diligence report
  • Preparation and drafting of environmental liability guarantee clauses
  • Assistance for the takeover of a company in difficulty
  • Definition of the director’s role in a company in difficulty
  • Management of the close down procedure and the remediation procedure by the liquidating agent
  • Assistance to file the closure process
  • Management of relationships with the State Departments
Environmental litigation
  • Judicial and Administrative litigation
  • Challenge / defense of civil, commercial or administrative liability
  • appraisal by court appointed expert
  • environmental criminal law
Water law
  • Assistance with authorization procedures / declaration of IOTAs subject to water legislation
  • Assistance in obtaining sewage discharge authorization and discharge agreement
Air and atmosphere
  • Atmospheric emission
  • CO2 emission allowances
  • Renewable Energies
  • Atmospheric protection plans
Patrimoine naturel
  • Advising local residents and communities in the implementation of wind energy projects for the protection of natural, cultural or architectural heritage
  • Council of hunters and hunting associations in the management of their territories
Oeil de bœuf
Tax litigations
International taxation
Offshore tax exemption
  • of the entrepreneur
  • of the Director
Plaque rurale
  • commercial
  • IT
Commercial leases
General terms and conditions
  • Disclaimers
  • terms and conditions of use
  • confidentiality
  • exclusivity
Agreement on the assignment or use of intellectual property rights
Cathedrale dessin

Types of work

Criminal risk faced by companies
  • analysis
  • prevention
Criminal defence
  • of companies
  • of Directors
Protection fonctionnelle des agents de l’Etat


Criminal employment law
Criminal business law
Sensitive criminal cases
Cathedrale dessin
Public business law
Town planning and development law
Commercial planning law
Taxation of town planning
Public domain
Right of pre-emption - Expropriation
Fundamental liberties
Freedom referrals
Analysis of financial difficulties
Advice on the choice of procedure: CCSF, hoc mandate, conciliation
Drafting of the application opening pre- or bankruptcy proceedings
Support of the application before the President of the Commercial Court
Negotiation with public creditors, banks or strategic suppliers
Detail porte tete de lion
Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Safeguard
  • Financial safeguard
  • Judicial rehabilitation
  • Court-ordered liquidation
Assistance to creditors
  • Statement of claim
  • Negotiation with judiciary mandatory and liquidator (trustees)
  • Designation as controleur
  • Litigation before the juge-commissaire
Assistance to CEO
  • Defense against personal liability actions and l penalties
Takeover of companies before the Commercial Courts
  • Targets search
  • Preparation of the takeover bid
  • Negotiations with co-contractors
  • Drafting of the takeover offer
  • Hearing before the Commercial Courts
  • Drafting of deeds of assignment
Vue sur la rue laffitte notre dame de lorette et le sacre cœur
Infringement of
  • trademarks
  • designs
  • patents
  • copyright
Defence before the
  • INPI
Agreement on the assignment or use of intellectual property rights
Plaque rurale cachee
Drafting of leases
Lease litigation
Construction litigation
Real-estate valuation
Right of sale of real-estate
Transfer of leases
Disputes between owners
SCI (Property Investment Company)

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