Already engaged in a number of sectors (banking, tourism, manufacturing, services, communication, real-estate, etc.), the firm’s work spans all sectors of activity.
The clients of Richelieu Avocats can rely on the personal commitment of the partners to their cases and the highest level of professional secrecy.

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You are the Legal Affairs Manager, Human Resource Manager or Head of Litigation of a group of companies

As a member of the legal panel of large groups since its creation, Richelieu Avocats is recognised by Legal and Human Resource Departments for its expertise in complex litigations.

They appreciate the firm’s capacity to respond quickly, the commitment of the partner in charge of the case and their combined rich experience of litigations.

These groups call upon Richelieu Avocats for litigations relating to business law, employment & social security law and criminal law.

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You are the director of a small or medium sized enterprise

Richelieu Avocats is here to make life easier for Directors & Officers, HRD, FAD of SMEs by resolving all of the enterprise’s legal and litigation issues, and by supporting it in its external growth.

You can rely on the personal relationship forged with management and the commitment of the partners to each case.

Richelieu Avocats provides counselling and defence to several mid-cap enterprises in all sectors of activity.


You are an entrepreneur

Richelieu Avocats is here to support you in your entrepreneurial adventure, help you structure your project from a legal, tax and employment & social security point of view.

The firm can assist you to raise capital and advise you in your relations with your:

  • employees
  • investors
  • partners
  • clients

Jeudi de Richelieu The entrepreneurial adventure

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You are an individual

Richelieu Avocats provides counselling and defence to individuals to resolve their personal or professional legal problems.

For instance, Richelieu Avocats

  • provides support to senior executives in negotiating their departure from a company
  • provides counselling to directors or partners in relation to their disputes with partners
  • provides assistance to individuals in relation to their taxation issues
  • provides defence to property owners.
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You are the head of a voluntary organisation

Conversant with the voluntary sector, Richelieu Avocats provides counselling and defence to different types of not-for-profit organisations to resolve their legal issues:

  • articles of association
  • contracts
  • litigations
  • taxation
  • premises

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