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  2. September 2020
    Inauguration of the Reims office

    Richelieu Avocats is very pleased to inaugurate its new offices in Reims. The firm is now established in Paris, Laval and Reims.

  3. New partner

    Richelieu Avocats extends its expertise to public law, town planning and development law with the arrival of Arthur de Dieuleveult, 7th partner

  4. Richelieu Avocat is hiring new associates in Social Law

  5. Richelieu Avocat is hiring new associates in Corporate Law

  6. Richelieu Avocat is hiring new associates in Business Law

  7. Defend

  8. Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet) counselled the founding shareholder of LC Outdoor in its purchase by the JCDecaux group.

  9. The least that can be said about Richelieu Avocats is that it does not shy away from complex cases

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Backed by its 20 years’experience in legal counselling and litigation practice dedicated to businesses and individuals, Richelieu Avocats is well placed to defend your interests.


Already engaged in a number of sectors (banking, tourism, manufacturing, services, communication, real-estate, etc.), the firm’s work spans all sectors of activity.

The clients of Richelieu Avocats can rely on the personal commitment of the partners to their cases and the highest level of professional secrecy.


April 2022 - The firm received the French members of the IR Global network on April 8. It was an opportunity to strengthen the links between the members of this international network to offer our customers the best skills around the world. This network represents more than 1300 lawyers, accountants and financial consultants in 167 jurisdictions.French meeting

February 2022 - Collective proceedings, safety and guarantees: our partner Vincent Merat will co-lead on February 15, 2022, at the AFDCC (association of credit managers) a training on the major reforms of collective procedures and guarantees & security, resulting from the order of September 15, 2021.
#formation #procedurescollectives #garanties #suretes #avocats
More information on the following link: https://lnkd.in/eKNGkce9

February 2022 - Post by our partner Arthur de Dieuleveult and Jean des Brosses on sponsorships and local consultations, to be found on Dalloz Actualité

November 2021 - Richelieu Avocats is very pleased to announce the arrival of Béatrice ARMAND BERGERON as senior lawyer in the employment law department. With nearly 20 years of experience in employment law with Willway Avocats and Solange R. Doumic, Béatrice comes to strengthen our employment law team, led by our partners Benoît Gruau and Jean-Oudard de Préville.
#avocats #droitsocial #barreaudeParis
https://lnkd.in/g8XKC8RNBeatrice armand bergeron

October 2021 - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau is attending the IR Global annual conference in London for the 10 year celebration. This is an outstanding opportunity to meet at last new friends and to offer our clients global services. #London #IRLONDON21

October 2021 - Thank you to Décideurs Magazine - Groupe Leaders League for announcing the arrival of our new partner Arthur de Dieuleveult.

October 2021 - Richelieu Avocats is very happy to announce the arrival of Arthur de Dieuleveult as a partner in charge of public business law and town planning law. With his 10 years of experience in both advice and litigation, he has developed a strong expertise in the service of local authorities, developers, developers and owners of real estate assets. With its seven partners, the firm is thus strengthening its ability to support its clients on most of the problems they encounter in business life.
Read the article.
#lawyer #barreaudeParis #townplanning #publiclawArthur de dieuleveult

October 2021 - Very pleased to meet NIKHIL PALLI in our Paris office on September 30. Nikhil is IR Global exclusive advisor for debt asset recovery in India. So happy to see the network in action. CC RICHELIEU AVOCATS Vincent Merat Guillaume Marguet Ross Nicholls Lauren Morgan Sylvain Pelletreau
Nikhil Palli

October 2021 - Richelieu Avocats is very happy to strengthen its teams by welcoming Benoît Pic as an associate in the business law team. He will be more particularly in charge of business litigation with our partner Grégory de Moulins Beaufort.
After graduating from the College of Law of the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Benoît obtained a Magisterium in Business Lawyer - DJCE at the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas and a Master of Public Affairs at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.
https://lnkd.in/g8XKC8RNPic benoit

September 2021 - Bravo to MEDEF Mayenne, to CCI DE LA MAYENNE and to #ESTACA as well as to all the partners of the event for the organization of Universities of entrepreneurs in Mayenne. Richelieu Avocats was very happy to participate in this inspiring day and to witness the entrepreneurial dynamism of the department. #Mayenne #UEM53 #UEM #MEDEF #nolimit #Paris #Laval #Reims CC Franck Gruau Solveig de PILLOT https://www.uem53.fr/

July 2021 - Last column from our partner Sylvain Pelletreau in Les Echos on regulatory bulimia in environmental law. Extract: The too low number of environmental inspectors leads companies to bear the burden that should fall on these state officials. It is in a way the convict who will be responsible for verifying that the ax of the executioner will have been sharpened in accordance with standard NFX-30-0…
To be found in full here:
https://lnkd.in/giqFWFjLes Echos

July 2021 - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau presented on July 7, 2021 with Henri de Grossouvre the note on environmental sovereignty, portrait of our decision-makers to the GA of the Territoria Observatory, note written in partnership withthe Sapiens Institute and the COLBERT CIRCLE FOR A NEW LOCAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT. Thank you to Eléonore Carpentier, General Delegate of Territoria and to President Sophie Primas for their welcome.
https://lnkd.in/gxauP4iCercle Colbert

June 2021 - Environmental sovereignty: portrait of our decision-makers. Last note written by our partner Sylvain Pelletreau with Henri de Grossouvre and published by the Institut Sapiens and the Cercle Colbert.
By advocating a broader and more structural vision of environmental protection, the Institut Sapiens and the Cercle Colbert are promoting the notion of environmental sovereignty.
In order to understand the issues, it is necessary to draw a portrait of the actors in the environment. This is how this note questions the role of the strategic state, the place of local authorities and the action of private actors. Beyond the observations, the authors wished to formulate proposals in order to embody the reflection carried by the note: creation of local directives, contractualization of relations between the State and local authorities and the emergence of a true principle of subsidiarity are so many proposals aiming to give true letters of nobility to the protection of the environment.
#environment #sovereignty #sustainabledevelopment

April 2021 - Sylvain Pelletreau was interviewed by Florence Duprat on the B SMART channel to talk about environmental law. The interview will air on the Smart Lex show on April 14 at 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. #lawyers #environment
B Smart

March 2021 - Our partners Benoît Gruau and Sylvain Pelletreau combined their expertise in labor law and environmental law to lead a training course on the delegation of powers and its consequences in environmental law. CC Dalloz Formation. #droitsocial #environnement #avocats 1616499638633

March 2021 - At the end of the exclusive negotiations that began in early February, Constellation and Easyteam have just finalized their merger to create a cloud leader capable of supporting its customers in a holistic manner. At the dawn of its 5 years and with this 8th acquisition, the Constellation Group is accelerating the movement towards sustainable and responsible IT. Bravo Étienne Besançon, Olivier Renaud and Cyril Parascandola for this beautiful wedding! The Constellation Group was supported by the firm Richelieu Avocats with Vincent Merat, Guillaume Marguet and Benoît Gruau. #acquisition #croissance #cloudsecurity #corporate #IPIT Read the article. 1616788270128

February 2021 - Last column of our partner Sylvain Pelletreau in Les Echos. He introduces the notion of environmental sovereignty and the necessary global vision that the #environment implies to overcome a certain myopia on the subject. Read the article. 1612974888578

February 2021 - Richelieu lawyers, with his partner Vincent Merat, is supporting the development of one of the leaders in home delivery, with the takeover of a specialist in home delivery of medication and a specialist in transport and management of luggage around the world. #cession #capture #restructuring #lawyers

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January 2021 - Find the contribution of our partner Sylvain Pelletreau to the prospective report of the Sapiens Institute. 2021, year of environmental resilience? #environment. Read the article. Annus mirabilis

January 2021 - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, specialized in environmental law, spoke on Wednesday January 27 with the Cercle Colbert and the Sapiens Institute to talk about the recovery plan and the ecological transition. #startingplan #ecological transition #sustainabledevelopment #circulareconomics #environment Read the article. INSTITUT

January 2021 - Richelieu Avocats with its partner Vincent Merat, has just participated in the creation of a very first company with a mission in the cultural and events field. This new form of company intends to highlight a raison d’être and ambitious social and environmental objectives under the control of an independent committee. #entrepriseamission

December 2020 - Latest column from our partner Sylvain Pelletreau on the offense of ecocide published by the Sapiens Institute. It highlights the risks associated with the creation of such an offense. #ecocide #environment #justice Read the article.Actu decembre 2020

November 2020 - Interview with our partner Sylvain Pelletreau by Emmanuelle Ducros in the Opinion about the offense of ecocide announced by the ministers of ecology and justice on November 23. According to the Minister of Ecology, it is the sword of justice that will finally befall all the environmental bandits #environment #justice #ecocide Read the article.Actu novembre 2020

November 2020 - New intervention by RICHELIEU AVOCATS. Well done Sylvain! Return on a case of illegal dumping of waste in Orainville. RICHELIEU AVOCATS works alongside this municipality which has been fighting for more than two years. Thanks to Patrick Revet and Le Chasseur Français for their interest in this file. #environment #waste #lawyers

November 2020 - We take a look back at an illegal waste deposit case in which our partner Sylvain Pelletreau works alongside the municipality of Orainville. Article published in the French Chasseur in November. #environment #waste #lawyers Read the article.

November 2020 - Last column on the little Green Book of our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, with the Sapiens Institute, or how to get out of the law of emotion and the Manichaeism of the good guys and the bad guys in matters of #environment. #lawyers #experts Read the article.Actu novembre 2020 2

October 2020 - RICHELIEU AVOCATS joins IR as the exclusive Environmental Law Member in France with its partner Sylvain Pelletreau. IR Global is the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms. This membership strengthen the international positioning of our law firm and the services we are able to provide to our clients. #environment #network #globalpositioning Read the article.

September 2020 - RICHELIEU AVOCATS, with his partner Vincent Merat, is supporting the Fidesio agency in its strong development with the takeover of Agence’O. Read the press release of the Fidesio agency
Fidesio - Richelieu Avocats

September 2020 - The economic and legal information weekly Petites Affiches Matot Braine presents the RICHELIEU AVOCATS law firm on the occasion of the inauguration of our premises in Reims on September 15th.
Article de presse Petites Affiches Matot Braine - Richelieu Avocats

September 2020 - Richelieu Avocats, with his partner Vincent Mérat, is supporting the strong development of the specialist in catering in museums and exceptional places with the takeovers of a new restaurant in Chartres and a central kitchen near Versailles.

September 15th, 2020 - Richelieu Avocats is very pleased to have celebrated the first anniversary of the association of Sylvain Pelletreau, specializing in environmental law, at the same time as the inauguration of its new offices in Reims. The firm is now established in Paris, Laval and Reims.

July 2020 - Waste: what are the challenges for this strategic sector? Sylvain Pelletreau on the Institut Sapiens website. Read the article.

July 2020 - The competence for waste belongs to the municipalities. But they can call on the services of the State so that they can regain its competence by subsidiarity. Sylvain Pelletreau in Reporterre, the daily newspaper for ecology. Read the article.


July 2O2O - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, specialized in environmental law, was interviewed by Emmanuelle Ducros on wind turbines and their impact on the environment and landscapes. Article to find in L’Opinion of July 7th.


July 2O2O - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, specialized in environmental law, spoke alongside Emmanuelle Ducros at the video-café of the Sapiens Institute to answer the question: does France (still) have food and environmental sovereignty? Read the article.

July 2O2O - Our partner Vincent Merat participated in the AFDCC Credit Managers Association Webinar to discuss the legal impacts during this period of crisis. Read the article.

June 2O2O - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, lawyer specializing in environmental law, spoke at the CCI OISE Webinar, in the sustainable performance program to talk about industrial waste and accidents.

June 2O2O - Our partner Sylvain Pelletreau, specializing in environmental law, spoke alongside Emmanuelle Ducros, journalist at l’Opinion and Ysens de La Panouse, PhD, during a breakfast at the Sapiens Institute to talk about environmental sovereignty and agricultural sovereignty of France. Read the article.

May 2O2O - In the article on the issue of insurance business interruption, the newspaper Opinion quotes Moulins Beaufort Grégory, which encourages companies to carefully analyze their insurance policies to see if they can request compensation from their insurer.

May 2O2O - Vincent Merat spoke on May 6th and 7th during the webinars organized by AFDCC Association of Credit Managers, on various financial or legal issues related to the state of health emergency.

February 2O2O - Our environment partner Sylvain Pelletreau contributed to the Sapiens Institute’s report at the start of the year. Read his article The curious French environmental oxymoron and the contributions of other experts to find out what to expect from 2020,year of curiosity. Read the article.


January 2O2O - Sylvain Pelletreau, partner specializing in environmental law at RICHELIEU AVOCATS, wonders about the favor currently enjoyed by wind turbines, in a documented post published on the site of the Sapiens Institute. Read the article.

December 2019 - Sylvain Pelletreau, the environmental law specialist at Richelieu Avocats, was interviewed on October 31st by Le Parisien about the circulation of advertising buses in Paris on behalf of the sports betting site WINAMAX. Read the article.


November 2019 - Let the rooster Maurice be reassured, the legislator takes care of him! Farewell calf, cow, pig, brood! (…)

November 2019 - RICHELIEU AVOCATS is pleased to announce the arrival, as 6th partner, of Vincent Merat, specialized in insolvency proceedings law, restructuring of companies in difficulty and company law. Vincent Merat practiced bankruptcy and corporate law for 12 years with AyacheSalama and previously with Taj Deloitte then Poulain Sonier & Associés. Vincent Merat supports French and foreign SMEs and mid-caps during restructuring operations, external growth by taking over companies in difficulty (recovery or judicial liquidation), and during corporate operations (company law, transfer, acquisition, etc.).

Portrait Sylvain Pelletreau

Sylvain Pelletreau, partner of the firm specializing in environmental law, was listed at the end of October 2019 as an expert from the SAPIENS Institute. Its first analysis on the SAPIENS Institute website was posted on October 28th, 2019. Read the press release

October 2019 - At the invitation of the OISE CCI, Sylvain Pelletreau spoke on October 17th, 2019, on the subject of responsibilities (civil, criminal, administrative) of waste management players before an audience of industrialists and waste professionals.

September 2019 - RICHELIEU AVOCATS is pleased to announce the arrival, as 5th partner, of Sylvain Pelletreau, specialized in environmental law, and the opening of a secondary office in Reims.

Portrait Guillaume Marguet

June 2019 - RICHELIEU AVOCATS (Guillaume Marguet) in Barcelona few days ago for a speech to an audience of entrepreneurs operating on the Internet, on the fiscal aspects of expatriation, tax residence and recent French reform of the Exit Tax.

On July 4th, 2019, RICHELIEU AVOCATS welcomed clients, friends and partners to celebrate its installation in its new premises on Bd Edgar Quinet.
Accueil Richelieu

May 2019 - As part of its development, RICHELIEU AVOCATS moved near the Montparnasse train station.

After 11 years in the 9th arrondissement, the Firm is now located at 40 Boulevard Edgar Quinet 75014 Paris, 1h15 from its secondary office in the West, in spacious premises, thoroughly renovated and equipped with three meeting rooms.

We are very pleased to have welcomed our business partner Frédéric Pierucci on February 20th, 2019 to discuss with him and our guests in charge of Compliance issues, about his experience, his book The American Trap and the threats that the very coercive Foreign Corrupt Practices American Act may pose on French groups.
Le Piège Américain – Frédéric PierucciFrédéric Pierucci conférence compliance 1Frederic pierucci conference compliance 2Frederic pierucci conference compliance 3Frederic pierucci conference compliance 4

Richelieu Avocats, supporting France’s bid to host the 2025 Universal Exhibition.
Expo france 2025

Richelieu Avocats is referenced by the Décideurs Juridiques magazine for its renowned Employment & Social Security Law and Business Litigations practice.Decideurs magazine


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