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  2. New associate, New office

    In September 2019, Sylvain Pelletreau, specialized in environmental law, will join Richelieu Avocats as new partenr. He will lead the new office of the law firm based in Reims.

  3. Richelieu Avocat is hiring new associates in Social Law and Business Law.

  4. In May 2019, the law firm has moved to new premises in the 14th arrondissement, near Montparnasse

  5. Defend

  6. Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet) counselled the founding shareholder of LC Outdoor in its purchase by the JCDecaux group.

  7. The least that can be said about Richelieu Avocats is that it does not shy away from complex cases

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Practice areas

Backed by its 20 years’experience in legal counselling and litigation practice dedicated to businesses and individuals, Richelieu Avocats is well placed to defend your interests.


Already engaged in a number of sectors (banking, tourism, manufacturing, services, communication, real-estate, etc.), the firm’s work spans all sectors of activity.

The clients of Richelieu Avocats can rely on the personal commitment of the partners to their cases and the highest level of professional secrecy.


We are very pleased to have welcomed our business partner Frédéric Pierucci on February 20, 2019 to discuss with him and our guests in charge of Compliance issues, about his experience, his book The American Trap and the threats that the very coercive Foreign Corrupt Practices American Act may pose on French groups
Le Piège Américain – Frédéric PierucciFrédéric Pierucci conférence compliance 1Frederic pierucci conference compliance 2Frederic pierucci conference compliance 3Frederic pierucci conference compliance 4

Grégory de Moulins Beaufort

Richelieu Avocats (Benoit Gruau and Grégory de Moulins Beaufort) attended the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats) Congress in Toronto.
October 2017.

Richelieu Avocats is strengthening its presence in western France by opening an office in Laval (Mayenne), in a region that encourages business and entrepreneurs. Richelieu Avocats thus intends to offer its well-known expertise as a local service.
Benoit Gruau explained : For several years we have wanted to be closer to our clients in western France and opening our office in Laval will enable us to serve them better. We resolutely subscribe to the momentum created by the high speed train in the region and we aim to develop there over the long term. The office is located at 97 Boulevard Félix Grat - 53000 Laval.

Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet) counselled the founding shareholder of LC Outdoor in its purchase by the JCDecaux group. LC Outdoor, a company based in La Réunion, is a leader in urban advertising in this overseas department and is now owned by JCDecaux Mauritius, a subsidiary of the JCDecaux group.
August 2017

Magazine Liaisons sociales Le meilleur du Droit Social - Bien choisir son cabinet
2017 Edition

Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet) advised a potential acquirer in the takeover of Vicomte Arthur.
September 2016

Richelieu Avocats (Guillaume Marguet) advised the France Tourisme group in connection with the acquisition of the Pont-Neuf lead group.
Jan - Feb 2016

Richelieu Avocats, supporting France’s bid to host the 2025 Universal Exhibition.
Expo france 2025

Richelieu Avocats is referenced by the Décideurs Juridiques magazine for its renowned Employment & Social Security Law and Business Litigations practice.Decideurs magazine


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